Landlord Defense Group Can Protect Your Business From Professional Tenants

Tenant support groups provide free legal advice to tenants and landlords are often confronted with difficult situations posed by tenants armed with professional advice.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Landlord Defense Group is a full service division of Sommer Law Group representing landlords in all facets of their business. As licensed attorneys practicing landlord tenant law in Pittsburgh, we know that landlords often get an unfair reputation. We realize that landlords are trying to run a business and often fall victim to bad tenants. Whether you are a seasoned landlord or just trying to break into the residential rental business, Landlord Defense Group can help with everything from written leases designed to protect your rights to complex litigation. We know that tenants can be difficult, but we want to assure you that Pennsylvania is not a tenant friendly state and that we can provide you with all the necessary solutions and options to ensure that your business is protected.

Don't Let Problem Tenants Destroy Your Business

Many landlords are faced with a professional tenant that refuses to pay rent, makes demands not covered by the lease, keeps the property in an unsanitary condition, is threatening or violent, or poses other potential business risks.

Landlord Defense Group can help landlords, property managers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors operate, maintain, and protect their businesses. Whether you are looking to purchase more properties, draft leases, evict a tenant or squatter, or form an entity to shield your personal assets from any potential business risks, Landlord Defense Group can help.

We can help protect your business by:

  • -Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating residential leases designed to protect your business, and negotiating extensions and modifications of leases
  • -Forming limited liability companies and other entities
  • -Purchasing of property, including property from tax sales and foreclosures and quieting title to real property
  • -Contesting Petitions to Redeem Property, allegations of violations of the implied warranty of habitability, bankruptcy by a tenant, and other claims raised by tenants and prior owners
  • -Property Management
  • -Protecting landlords from landlord liability and tenant injuries
  • -Real estate tax appeals
  • -Resolving other problems faced by landlords


Already Struggling With A Problem Tenant?


At Landlord Defense Group we know that professional tenants try to take advantage of their landlords and that some tenants destroy property and others raise frivolous claims to avoid paying rent.

Landlord Defense Group can handle problems facing individuals, landlords and major property owners and corporations. While many problems can be resolved simply and quickly, Landlord Defense Group can also handle complex issues that must be resolved through litigation. There is no problem too large or too small for Landlord Defense Group to help landlords solve. Landlord Defense Group can help you solve problems caused by professional tenants.

We specialize in:

  • -Pursuing unlawful tenancies, lease breaches, nonpayment of rent, and damage to the property caused by tenants
  • -Advising landlords when there is not a written lease
  • -Resolving disputes with tenants, including evictions, ejectments and related proceedings
  • -Collection of overdue lease payments
  • Problems caused by tenants including destruction of property


Landlord Defense Group Knows How to Help You

Landlord Defense Group knows how to navigate the nuances of the state, county, and local rules, processes, and laws effecting your business.

Landlord Defense Group has experienced attorneys who can provide you with all the necessary tools to protect your business and recover damages caused by tenants. We know that landlords are the victims of professional tenants who do not pay rent, damage property, and are nuisances to their neighbors. Our goal is always to resolve a dispute with a tenant as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our attorneys have experience with negotiation, arbitration, and court proceedings. While Landlord Defense Group often tries to resolve cases without court involvement, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill necessary to protect your rights at any stage of the court process. At Landlord Defense Group, we like to work with landlords to ensure that the strategy is the best solution for the landlord's problem and to make sure that the landlord fully understands how we can best assist them.

Are you worried about expensive legal fees?

The costs landlords incur from professional tenants choosing not to pay rent or destroying property often exceed the legal fees required to fix the problem.


Landlord Defense Group charges a reasonable fee tailored to your specific needs as a landlord. All fees are discussed openly up front, and we understand that some landlords are just breaking into the business or have substantial funds tied up in maintaining properties. We work with our clients based on their individual budget, developing payment plans based on flat fees, percentage of profits or a combination of both, depending on the nature of the work and your personal preference. We know many landlords are concerned that legal representation fees may become unmanageable, but we are committed to working out a financial agreement suitable for everyone involved.


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