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What is a Gun Trust? A gun trust allows the legal acquisition of items regulated under the National Firearms Act. Gun Trusts help individuals carry out their Second Amendment rights to ownership of these items. We can assist individuals with the creation of Gun Trusts to ensure the legal ownership and safe distribution of weapons in Pennsylvania. Without the help of an attorney in the creation of a Gun Trust, the acquisition of these weapons is often performed illegally. Illegal acquisition of these weapons can result in fines and imprisonment. Always use an attorney to assist in the formation of a Gun Trust. 


The National Firearms Act restricts several types of Class 3 items that can be purchased, sold, and transferred within the United States.


Our attorneys can help you understand the complexities of gun statutes in Pennsylvania including:


        Regulation, Manufacture, and Distribution: 18 PA.C.S. 6120

        Possession, Use, and Transfer: 18 PA.C.S. 6103

        Pennsylvania Uniform Firearm Acts: PA UFA 6101-6127


Pennsylvania statutes allow ownership of the following items that are regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA): 


        Machine Guns


        Destructive Devices (DD) (except bombs)

        Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS)

        Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)

        Any Other Weapons (AOW)


Items regulated by the NFA require the formation of a “Gun Trust” for legal ownership in Pennsylvania.




How It Works


Simply fill out our questionnaire (link) and we will begin working on your gun trust right away.



What information is required?


        Name of Trust:  The title must include the wording “NFA Firearm Trust” but other than that there are no limitations. For example “(Your name) NFA Firearm Trust”

        Trustee name or Co-Trustee names: We recommend a husband and wife be initial co-trustees (if applicable). At a later date the trustee can add additional co-trustees without any recording formalities. We provide all the forms to add additional trustees.

        Trustee Address

        Successor Trustees: In the event the trustee(s) dies, he can add a successor trustee with the initial paperwork. Instead of adding all of his children initially, simply choosing one child as a successor trustee is preferred (you can add successors more later).




What do you get with our package?


We provide the following documents after registering your NFA Firearms Trust:

        The Trust Document (with Schedule “A”)

        Certification of Trust

        Bank Instruction Letter

        Appointment of Co-Trustee

        Resignation of Co-Trustee

        Bill of Sale

        Instructions for the Distribution of Personal Property

        Transfer instructions


These documents are essential to having a legitimate and efficient Gun Trust. If you have any questions about the registration process do not hesitate to contact our attorneys.


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